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Nexus Technologies - About Us

Nexus Technologies s.r.l. is an italian company, headquartered in the city of Florence, specialized in the development of informatic and electronic systems.
Founded in 1999 and directed by young professionals, it has got a serious experience in realizing avantgarde technological solutions.


The vast trajectory in technological italian and european sector is underlined by the numerous systems realized in various applicative fields.

Here we list some of them:

. Multimedia events catalogation and administration.
Used by the municipality of Florence. The system registers, in audio/video and content format, the town council meetings.
These can be viewed by every citizen through Internet, searching the intervention by speaker, meeting and/or argument discussed.
The system allows the automatization of catalogation processes, apart from execute a control over the quality of the service.

. Control over access and presence statistics done with optical, magnetic and proximity sensors technologies. Implemented for the biggest petroleum refinery of Egypt: Midor in Alessandria.

. System for collection and centralization of presence rivelation stamping by remote seats, using dedicated lines and optical fiber networks. Realized for the municipality of Florence.

. Software for analysis, administration and remote transmission of biomedical instruments data. Implemented for H&C Biomedical services.

· SelfNet System, used by the "Internet Train" internetpoint chain, for the centralized administration of Internet navigation terminals.
System Homologated for the NATO organization and used in its bases (Bagdad, Kabul, Kosovo, etc.).
Homologated in Argentina for Sacoa Express, Telecom Argentina e Repsol YPF Argentina.

· The platform used by ARSANTIK portal (specialized in the italian antique dealing market), piattaforma utilizzata dal portale ARSANTIK (specializzato nel mercato dell'antiquariato italiano), furnished of various automatisms.

· The SysConf software, for the complete administration of everything about the organization of conferences; endowed of various automatisms of control and online interaction (Internet).
Used by ETA S.R.L (Italy) for the organization of conferences about alternative energies for the European Economic Community (ECC).

NEXUS TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L in the last years have been specializing in the development of magnetic-cards' and Cd-Cards' systems, generating applicative instruments for campaings or strategies of Fidelization for the modern market.

N.B.: tutti i prezzi indicati sono IVA E SPEDIZIONE ESCLUSE