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Shipping & Returns



Concerning the good already in store, every shipment will be carried out by 24/48 hours since the order. Shipments will be done carriage-free and delivery charges will be debited in invoice.
Nexus Technologies SRL doesnít take any charge of damages caused by transportation. With the delivery to the courier, the goods are meant to be property of the customer who, from this moment, assumes every consequent risk. At the act of the material reception of the goods, itís up to the user to verify the integrity of each packet and the conformity of the delivered goods, formulating, by 10 days, the circumstantial reserves to the courier on the same invoice and through written complain to Nexus Technologies SRL.
By 10 days of term-time since the delivery of the goods, itís up to the customer to give Nexus Technologies SRL notice, through written document, about eventual differences between the received goods and those established in the contract.


Eventual restitutions of products must have been prevently established and authorized with the return number (RMA). The return number has to be clearly returned of the delivery note. The materials given back for incompatibility (not referable to our product) or for in-guarantee reparations, but turning out to be functioning, will be charged of an supplementary debit of Ä 20.00 for operating expenses. Products have to be given back in their original packaging, with an appropriate external packing. We donít accept any reclaim after 10 days since the reception of the goods.


Accredits for given back goods will be done at the purchase price. Every goods will be accepted only in carriage-free. We donít accept the given back for erroneous purchase after 10 days since the reception of the goods. The goods given back for accredit that result damaged (I.E. ruined/scratched product, lacking manual and/or accessories, labels on products or packaging, ruined packaging) will be given the customer back in carriage forward, otherwise, in case of accredit, the goods will be depreciated at discretion of Nexus Technologies S.R.L.

N.B.: tutti i prezzi indicati sono IVA E SPEDIZIONE ESCLUSE